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akter rojoni
Aug 01, 2022
In Education Forum
Today, Xiao Xiao (the head of the operation team of the startup company) called me and said that the current platform and business model have email list run very smoothly, and the profit can also support the team. The words are full of pride. But it is also very depressing, and the salary has been hovering at 20+ for a long time. During the epidemic, online operators are hard to find. It is common for online operators to change jobs or raise their salary. What is the difference between operators with an annual salary of 100,000, 300,000 and 500,000? Today, I will explain to you point by point from the perspective of data and models. Welcome to leave a message for exchange. No matter what level of operation, paying attention to competing products, dismantling cases, reusing solutions, and iterative optimization are all things that are often done. With an annual salary of 100,000 yuan, if he is savvy enough, he will definitely do a good job in this process. But why is he still only 100,000? Because this is still the work at the execution level, dismantle the opponent's process and follow it. In this process, there is less thinking and more execution. What is the process of competing products, you are what you are. There are many "Xiaobai 7 Days Case Disassembly Group", "Case Disassembly Training Camp", "Case Disassembly Knowledge Planet" and so on. My suggestion is that if there is no in-depth thinking, it is useless to look at 100 of these case dismantlings! Deep thinking, is the gap between 100,000 and 300,000! Why use this product for drainage? Is this drainage product what the user really needs? Can we use other better courses or products instead? What other needs of the user are not being met? What other products can I make? For an operation of 300,000 yuan, he must be solely responsible for the enrollment and drainage of a project or product, and is responsible for the user needs, enrollment progress and data of the entire project. He can plan the operation rhythm of the entire project, and disassemble the enrollment progress and expected goals. , when to drain, when to store water, and when to transform? How to convert? He spends more time thinking than just executing. Then why isn't he 500,000? Because of higher-level operations, he needs to examine operations from a higher level, and he needs to measure the development direction of the business from a strategic perspective. Essentially, he needs to understand the industry and have the ability to view the overall situation and plan.
What is the difference between operators with an annual salary of content media
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akter rojoni

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